The Many Faces of Endometriosis

P1070423My Endo-Fatigued Face ”

…and yet, for most of that time I felt what Mills and Vernon in their book ‘Endometriosis, A Key to Healing And Fertility Through Nutrition’ describe thus: “Women often talk about being too drained to even talk to someone on the phone, and just wanting to curl up in a heap and sleep, until they feel well again.”

image I look at peace but am I?

imagePuppy love -proven to alleviate the symptoms of depression – it’s all those fluffy hugs – I can’t get enough of them


image Feeling totally glam (……let’s not tell anybody that I left the party in tears far too early for my liking due to pain – pesky pain – and I had my hair done and everything… *sob sob*)


Cup of the after my third lap.  Heaven.  



  1. I know all too well how you feel. So gutted and annoyed that it is seen as acceptable to let women live like this and not start putting research into how we can be helped! All i find is that the symptoms are treated and not the actual cause, painkillers day in, day out, ops to remove the Endo that is there and trying to mess around with hormones in an effort to help however where is the investment to find something that will fight it?


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