1. Top 30 Endometriosis Blogs: I’m writing my blog at home. It’s an isolated activity. I don’t know what reading my blog looks like from YOUR point of view. Is it useful? Is it helping? Are your experiences similar to mine? Getting feedback is all about understanding that. So I’m very pleased that my blog Surviving Endometriosis was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 30 Endometriosis Blogs on the web. I’m number 19! Thank you all beautiful people for your comments and words of support. None of us are alone in our fight with the symptoms of endometriosis. For the full list of the top 30 Endometriosis blogs on the web, visit: Top 30 Endometriosis Blogs

2. I recommend to you all  a pretty cool blog from a good writer. The topic is Endometriosis! and this is her story and her way to help and spread Awareness! Her topics even though cover the thoughts of pretty much every Endometriosis suffer, including myself shows that we are not alone in our thoughts, nor are we alone in this fight. Below is a link to her blog where you will find many interesting  reads about  life with Endometriosis.


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