10 ways to deal with endo-fatigue; exhaustion and endometriosis

Do you have endometriosis? Do you have endo-fatigue? Let’s run a little test: Are you exhausted right now? Do you frequently wake up tired after a ‘good night’s sleep’? Do you frequently feel you have no ‘spare’ energy despite resting a lot? Did you say yes to at least one of the questions? Let me... Continue Reading →

A simple way of dealing with a frazzled brain and making it happier.

My brain is frazzled. Regularly. And most of the time, there seems to be no solution. So I stew. I stew when I should be working. I stew when I’m out with friends. I stew when I should be sleeping. So I don’t sleep. I don’t do anything properly. I’m not mindful of anything. I... Continue Reading →

Five reasons why endometriosis sufferers feel guilty (but shouldn’t)

There is no reason why ill people should feel guilty. There is no reason why endometriosis sufferers should feel guilty but they do. Do you? I know I do. There five key reasons why this is happening. Only by understanding the reasons why endometriosis victims feel guilty, can we start facing up to our nemesis and embark on a route to a more positive state of mind.

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